The deterioration of the economic situation in Europe and the United States will be a negative impact on the export-oriented domestic LED lighting companies.led-bulbs-manufacturer/opportunity-and-challenge-of-led-industry. Recommended that the government subsidies the end users of LED lighting products, to reduce the initial purchase cost of the end-user, and shorten the payback period of the customers, to promote development by application. Since 2011, we can see from the view of raised funds to Spotlight Company invest in, they invariably choose LED packaging and capacity expansion downstream of led tube lamps, the speed of the scale expansion is much faster than the market demand, due to the white LED patent issues of domestic enterprises have not resolved, resulting in a large number of products in the domestic market only to find a way out, while a vicious price competition caused by overcapacity is expected to be shown in 2012. Our company offers a huge choice of led bulbs manufacturer with deluxe design and comfortable material. At present, more than 90% of the production of LED lighting products in China are export-oriented, due to the United States has not yet gone out of the impact of the financial crisis in 2008, the European debt crisis has not eased, foreign major developed economies recession will make an impact on be export oriented led bulbs manufacturer.

Because of the overheating and overcapacity of LED industry investment, the market is facing excessive competition. From this point of view, the development of LED lighting industry has not gone through the initial stage of the brand, and channel advantages of traditional lighting companies will be very obvious. According to the statistics of the National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance, in 2010, China's LED lighting industry output value reached 120 billion yuan, including upstream chips 50 billion, midstream package of 25 billion yuan, 90 billion yuan downstream applications.

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Non-traditional Lighting Companies Enter LED Lighting Industry

Marketing channel compression and price war was broke out in advance, the run-in of channels construction and the market will be a long-term process, rather than being completed in an overnight. But there are 1000 midstream packaging companies in the industry, the average sales revenue was only 25 million yuan, the number of downstream applications enterprises is over 5000, the average sales revenue was only 18 million yuan, the industry is still in a highly dispersed state. Your inquiry of our led bulbs manufacturer is highly appreciated. From the current market conditions, due to the lack of sales channels, many companies are forced to pick up the price war weapons, leading price competition has already begun before the widespread of LED lighting products, which will cause Spotlight Company a significant negative impact on the sustainable development of the industry.