Color LEDs are another growing trend, and you can attract new customers by highlighting certain areas of your wash with colorful LEDs. These LEDs are especially useful for carwashes to highlight wash cycles or provide a light show to 


“Light quality is measured by the effect of a light source on color appearance and is expressed by a product’s color rendering index (CRI), on a scale of 0 to 100. Quality LED products carry a CRI of 85+, much higher than traditional 


light sources. This causes colors to pop and creates a clean, modern and safe appearance to customers,” Baright explains.


Integrating LED lighting throughout your wash will also make it attractive to customers. By LED Tube Manufacturer your perimeter, vacuum bays and wash areas, you will make customers feel safe even at night. Just focusing on one area of the wash, 


however, will make the others appear dim and less inviting, so be sure to stay consistent when upgrading or installing your lighting.


Other advancements in LED technology have been made in both dimming and controls, and even more new advances to check out include tube lighting and bendable LED lighting.


Czech believes that, with all these factors in their favor, “LEDs will eventually phase out past traditional lighting methods and become the industry standard in signage and security.” In the end, having a medieval mindset about 


lighting is only going to keep your carwash from progressing through the ages. Snuff out your torches and step into the LED light.Entire carwash signs will stay bright and consistent for many years. And, LEDs have a much higher light 


quality than traditional lighting, which is often an overlooked but significant advantage, according to Baright.