This week, after years of building up a business based on selling LED Bulbs for commercial and industrial buildings, the company launched its very first foray into the consumer market at the CES technology expo in Las Vegas.Morning 


natural light is filled with blue light, and humans are conditioned to wake up under such conditions. Conversely, as the sun sets, blue light disappears and we drift off to sleep.


Soraa, which was co-founded by Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura and funded by Khosla Ventures and NEA, calls the lighting product “helia.” It’s a light bulb and smart controller set that dynamically adjusts lighting to help households 


sleep better, achieve a more convenient lifestyle, and light a house more efficiently.


So how exactly can lights be “healthier” and help you sleep better? Well, it has to do with blue light and human circadian rhythms. If you’ve got blue-light-dominant lights on in your house at night, they could be interfering with 


your rest. Unfortunately, if you’re using LED lights, or have a lot of LED screens on, it’s quite possible you have a lot of blue light getting in the way.


The light bulbs come in the form of a widely used down light (BR30) and can be screwed into standard sockets at a home or business. To make the lights smart, you need to buy one of the controllers, which pops into the center of one of 


the lights and contains sensors and a communication chip to enable the lights to connect information over the power line.