comparison with the latter, a light-diode straight line T8 lamps use less power, and their efficiency, by evaluation, is much higher.

Advantages of LED bulbs:

lack of infra-red and ultra violet radiation;
big preserving power intake and great efficiency;
ten periods more time than conventional mild sources;
High technical durability and stability;
Operating heat variety vary from -60 to 40 C;
bezinertsionnost on / off at any temperature;
less stunning impact, a complete deficiency of flicker;
return on investment, power benefits and price function.

LED lamps with platform GU5.

T8 LED tube:
T8 pipes vary midget emoy power consumption: less than 10 W for 60 cm and less than 20 h for the 120 cm pipe.
LED lighting have become popular throughout the world and is regularly on the complete the market. But under natural lighting SRI is not every flower gets the necessary quality
and variety of my lustrous flux, so a sequence of LED lamps for vegetation and Spotlight features as the sun provides vegetation with a lustrous flux of a certain wave length in the correct ratios.

LED lamps with platform GU10:

LED lamps based on light-emitting diodes with platform GU10, real estate MR16, are cost-effective alternative of neon lamps. Have low power consumptiontion, a higher level of ability to resist technical impact anyone. At the same time in power, they are not substandard to 25-40 w incandescent lamps, of. Can substitute conventional halogen lamps MR16, which are situated in houses and workplaces today, as they have an extremely powerful long-lasting (at least 20 000 hours), you sokoy-light outcome. The level of lighting of LED lamps is regularly increasing, thanks to the development, thereby LED lamps can be used as the main mild.

LED lamps with E14 cap:

LED lamps with E14 plug creation-HN to substitute conventional incandescent lamps
with plug E14. Meant to substitute the corresponding T8 neon lamps.3:

LED lamps with platform GU5. The difference from conventional lamps, these lamps are not warmed, have a more time life-time (40,000 hours) and very low power intake of 3 to 12 h. Low power intake, great lustrous efficiency and protection along with a vintage light extended support lifestyle and universalnos-Tew makes the product extremely eye-catching section of the common lighting style. Lighting is safe because they do not are available vennogo-heating, no unwarranted, harmful components are not used-ly. GU10 LED lamps are commonly used in lighting of the internal, they oc-broadcast: workplaces, windows, halls, restrooms, workplaces, as well as in furniture produce. LED lamps are used for this sequence aktsentratsii mild and light-tion sites.

LED spotlights:

LED highlights are preferably suitable for set up in revoked roofs and the stress in the shut spaces with inadequate air flow, in wood made houses, regularly and restrooms, workplaces and manufacturing facilities. That allows the lamps to choose almost any current hanging.

. These LED lamps have a very broad variety of program, such as for show lighting style and eye-catching lighting style. LED lamps for vegetation merge two wavelengths, made up of 8 models of red mild and one of the red. The support lifestyle of 50,000 time.3 use very effective light-emitting diodes from 2 to 6 5 h.

LED light plug E27:
LED overflow lighting with E27 platform are used as resources of mild power LEDs from 3 to 17 Tues Are similar to halogen lamps E27 online lighting style, but have a unique function, such as longevity (minimum of 20,000 hours), great lustrous performance and a reduce Niemi contamination. LED
lights are the most cost-effective use of power, thus light lifestyle 25 periods more time than incandescent lighting. However, they have the same overall look.

LED lamps for plants:

Plants need a certain variety of mild for photosynthesis, which relies on their fast development. Norton Lights have a corps of three colors: black, metal, silver, and the flask: clear and solid. Easily set up in an electric routine. Lights have a G13 platform, and are developed to function at a current of 110 V or 220 V