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Based on the latest improvements in LED lighting is to produce a warm light color, not blue and white and early LED. Now this may allow users to reduce lighting with LED bulbs to replace the linear transformation costs. 

If possible, would make more sense to simply keep the existing LED strip lighting and light bulbs upgrade. New lamp replacement costs are significantly higher than that of the entire lighting system installed less the costs involved, and it is easy to install LED festoons the provisions of the existing linear bar 12VAC or 24VAC current work. 

LED replacement lamps use less than incandescent and xenon festoons force, and does not produce harmful UV rays. Only trace amounts of thermal signals, they have become a favorite retailer, in the display of sensitive items to showcase. A luxurious Spotlight Company replacement bulbs will be used by an incandescent bulb is only 10 percent of the energy required, representing a sharp decline in electricity costs, whether it is rapid recovery of the initial purchase of the investment.