LED is an emitting device can direct convert electrical energy into visible light and radiation , because of its low operating voltage, power consumption, high luminous efficiency, light response time is very short, pure light color, solid structure, shock, vibration stable and reliable performance, light weight, small size, low cost range of characteristics, and its rapid development of mass production is now able to segment a variety of colors throughout the visible spectrum, high-brightness, high-performance products. Point, surface light source package has been developed hundreds of shapes and sizes for market and customer choice.

Pin type LED lead frame package for various packages used a pin shape is successfully developed the first package on the market structure, number of species range, technology maturity, high reflective layer within the package structure and continues to improve. There are many different color light source package structure: ceramic base epoxy resin has good temperature performance, pin can be bent into the desired shape, small size; metal base plastic reflector-type package is an energy saving light suitable for use instructions for power; flash-type oscillator circuit chip and the CMOS LED die-packed, self-produced a strong visual impact of the flashing light; color model by two different colors of light-emitting die form, packaged in the same ring epoxy resin lens, in addition to color outside the color can be mixed to obtain a third, in the large screen display system is extremely broad, and can be composed of two-color display packaging; voltage current source chip and the LED will die Combination package, 5 ~ 24V direct replacement of various voltage indicator. Monolithic integrated chip in the light-emitting materials, a large number of segment digital display graphics production die, and then split into single-chip graphics dicing die, bond, bonding, packaging with the lens (commonly known as "fish eye" lens) casing .

Link in the LED industry, the upstream substrate LED chip and the substrate is produced, the middle reaches of the industry into the design and manufacture of LED chip production, downstream owned LED packaging, testing, research and development of low thermal resistance, excellent optical characteristics, packaging technology is highly reliable New LED to utility, to market the only way to achieve industrialization, in a sense is to connect industry and the bond market, only to be packaged LED terminal products to the market practice in order for the customer provide services to the industrial chain of interlocking, seamless flow.

LED package structure of the type of product is based on light colors, chip material, brightness, size and other characteristics to classify the case.

LED digital tube LED display could be tube or meters words, symbols, tubes, rectangular tubes, a variety of many products, Chen, from the actual needs of the design into various shapes and structures. LED Bargraph display circuit board in the 106mm length to accommodate just 101 core (up to 201 just core), is a high-density packaging, the use of optical refraction, the light source through the transparent casing 13 ~ 15 raster imaging, Just completion of each core from the point to the line display, packaging technology is more complex. Digital control, for example, a reflector-type, single-chip integrated, single seven-segment type, and so three package structures, connections are common anode and common cathode are two, one is often said that digital tube, two or more commonly known as the monitor. Gradual replacement of surface mount LED to pin type LED, a more flexible application design, LED display market has been in the possession of a certain share, to accelerate the trend. Reflector-type is divided into two kinds of air sealing and real closure, the former agent with the dye by scattering epoxy resin, used for flat, two-bit devices; which cover filter and even film, and in the die and coated transparent plastic insulation on the floor, improve the efficiency of light, generally used for more than four figures. LED surface light source is more than the die bonding requirements in the micro-location on the PCB board, cover with plastic reflector box and the formation of epoxy potting, Heat Sink Supplier PCB board design to determine the different arrangement and connections outside the lead, with double row straight such as interpolation and single in-line structure. Some solid lighting products to market, become the next LED in the long-term development. By most standard LED display industry, customers believe is the most convenient and most economical solution, placed in a typical traditional LED 0. LED's on the middle reaches of industry has been unprecedented attention to further promote the downstream packaging technology and industrial development, the structure of different forms and sizes of packaging, different color LED die and the color or three color combinations, can produce a variety of series, varieties, specifications of the product. Single seven-segment type will have a good production of large area LED chips (cheap led lights), containing a plan or just cut into the core of the light bar, so the same glyph seven bond can be attacked in the digital shelves, after bonding, epoxy resin encapsulation composition. General constitute a single die light source, a number of the die assembly generally constitute a surface light source and line source for information and display with status indicators, LED displays are also using multiple die, die by the appropriate connections (including series and parallel) with the appropriate combination of optical structure to form light-emitting section and light-emitting display points.

Since the 90s in the last century, LED chips and materials made a number of breakthroughs in technology research and development, transparent substrate ladder structure, texture, surface structure, flip chip structure, the commercialization of high brightness (1cd or more) of red, orange, yellow , green and blue LED products have asked the city began in 2000 in low, medium and light flux to get the special application. Monolithic, single-type is characterized by miniaturization, can be dual in-line package, mostly for products. Made of red, green, orange, yellow LED production accounts for about 12% of the world's total, "fifth" period the industry goal is to achieve an annual output of 30 billion level of production, achieving high brightness of the LED epitaxial wafers AiGslnP and chip high-volume production, annual output of more than 1 billion of red, orange, yellow super bright LED die, the key breakthrough in GaN materials technology, blue, green, white LED's in mass production. from: led bulb light

.4mm, 5mm, 7mm and several species of different components of epoxy resin can produce a different glow. Encapsulation materials, high temperature curing epoxy resin and more, its light performance, process adaptability, high reliability, can be made transparent and colored transparent colored or colorless or colorless scattering scattering lens package different lens shape constitute a variety of shapes and sizes, for example, round by diameter into 2mm, 3mm, 4. Reflector type with a font is large, material saving, hybrid package assembly of flexible features, usually with white plastic made into seven sections of the cavity with a reflector shaped shell, a single LED die bonding with the seven reflector reflector alignment of the PCB board to each other, each reflecting the center of the bottom cavity is formed by light-emitting die area, using wire bonding method Heat Sink for bonding, epoxy instillation in the reflector, and glue the die of the PCB board adhesion to the bit, and then curing Serve.