The Downside of the Lights is the cost to run it. Also it is very Cost efficient as it will be a standalone Device without any Cable Expenses or Line Expenses.

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.High quality solar panel absorbs sunlight and convert into electricity energy, then charges maintenance-free battery and finally LED street lights automatically when day off, auto-off when day break. 1 Generic Led Street Lights can produce 4 Ordinary Street lights.

Because of different weather condition in different country and different requirements from different market, so the specification of each part of the whole solar street lighting system, especially solar panel and battery, are depending on following factors:

Average local daily sunshine hours. We will be discussing thoroughly in this article the Pros and Cons you can have if you are planning on getting a Generic Led Bulb for your use.

The whole system is mainly composed by:

60W LED street lighting, solar panel, lead acid battery and solar street lighting controller, pole (suggest 6-8m height).

It is also Energy Efficient as all Generic Led Street Lights don't use any Electricity from our Power Sources. They are of energy saving and environmental friendly, which can be used for residential, road, park and so on.

However in the long run of about 5 years the generic Led Lights will win in terms of costs. But more "greener" option for you is Solar street lighting that is producedby lots of online providers.
dimmable led filament bulb Working times of the system per Emergency Light night.
Backup days of the solar system during rainy days. It has an Auto charge Feature that gives it the ability to support its power consumption day-in and day-out. It has a Led Charger that automatically stores energy for night time use.
Have you heard about Generic Led Material in Street Lights? Most of us are already familiar with the term from our Local Government. But the Generic Led will only consume its initial Expenses and it's all good to go. The Ordinary street bulb will consume electricity every single day + cost of cables and construction as well. It Might be because of the propaganda that electric companies are giving the Investments or might be that the Government won't give any Budget on the said projects. Generic Led Lights have been a discussion for almost 5 years and still not implemented.

Generic Led Street Lights Pros and Cons
Led on Street lights are very helpful with the Environment because it's 100% Eco friendly and are not giving out any pollution like most Light Bulbs emit. Either ways we must know for ourselves the main reason behind this objective. It needs a 60W Led Bulb, Costly Solar Panels a Lead Battery that will auto charge when sunlight is available and a controller pole. No wires, No big Cables, No Big Constructions and no Electricity consumption.