Of course, if your hand is cold, then these buttons do not work.weebly. The bulb with a conventional light switch is full power operation. However, if you fast switch power supply of the lamp Spotlight (e. So many elevators use the button which can sense the heat of human finger.

The touch induction lights produced by China induction light manufacturer use another nature of the human body - capacitance.

Although not installed three brightness bulbs, many of the touch induction lights are three adjustable brightness. Any lamp can become a touch induction light after installing a small plug-in box.com
Place the lamp on the table, there is a certain capacitance.htm
More about my article, you also can read:http://chemicalrawmaterials. In this way, you and your lamp will draw more electron, the circuit can detect this change. When you touch the lamp, your body increases its capacitance. The basic method to adjust the lamp brightness is quickly turn on and off the lamp power supply - in such a circuit, the lamp is turned off when the duty cycle is 0%, corresponding to the different levels of brightness when it is respectively 33%, 66% and 100%.

The article come from:http://lighting-of-china.cn is a company focused on technical research, product design and manufacture of electromagnetic induction lighting (or electrodeless lamps, electrodeless lamps) products and accessories, the 21st century green energy-saving light sources. It means if a circuit transports electron to the lamp, the lights would accept part and "fill" itself. This switch has many advantages, the most prominent one is able to resist dust and moisture, to avoid switch being damaged or destroyed.
In addition to switches connecting and disconnecting mechanical connection through the toggle or pressing, there is also a switch capable of sensing body touch, which had already appeared years ago. These years, many of the features of the human body are applied in LED Panel Light the touch sensor switch:

Temperature - the human body temperature is usually higher than the temperature of the external environment. If the two contacts are placed nearly, then when you touch them with your fingers, they will make the circuit turned on.g.

Resistance - the composition of the human body is mainly composed of water, which has certain ability to conduct electricity. This is because the human body itself is a good antenna., 100 times per second), the lamp is only half the brightness of the full power, because the duty cycle is 50% (half of the time open, half the time off). The working principle is same as the above. Some touch-sensitive switch design principle is to detect the change of radio wave receiver when touching the switch.

The control circuit controls bulb brightness by changing the " Duty cycle " provided for the bulb. The motion induction grow lights that you see in the yard of someone's home are realized by sensing body heat.

Radio receiver - you may have noticed when touch TV or radio antenna, you can get a better reception. Even small LCD TV has conductive lanyard, using such a lanyard, users will be able to play the role of antenna.com/index.com.php/how-do-touch-induction-lights-work.inductionlighting. Capacitance refers to the number of electrons that an object is be able to accommodate.