Stay away from the softer summer shades, they will fade with the stronger light and disappear Heat Pipe Heat Sink in your brightly colored room.

There is a good selection of colors this year, available in sheer draperies, curtains, pillows, accessories and accent pieces and will blend with your existing color scheme. Do you have clear strong blues, blacks, reds or yellows in your home? Do you have muted or faded colors; soft beiges, golds and browns, sage greens and plums?

If you have the clear colors you can accent with white, red, turquoise, bright yellow, lime green marine blue, whichever colors complement your color scheme.

Hot Colors for Spring: Spring Green, Sky Blue, Violet and Bright Yellow

Contributions to this article provided by ON THE GO 4 U Design Consultant, Suzanne Copenhaver. Colors that might look harsh or garish in the colder months when light is cooler, come alive in the brighter light of summer. It's always nice to bring some of these colors into our homes to brighten things for the warmer season. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on temporary items to spruce up your rooms, you can enjoy hunting for them at the outdoor flea markets and yard sales which abound this time of year. This can be done without doing vintage bulb a major make over if you just apply a few simple rules. If your rooms are the more subdued and softer shades, go with light coral, buttery yellow, aqua, lavender and celadon.

Spring is here and so are the colors of spring and summer.

Be aware that natural light in spring and summer is not only more abundant, it is different in quality. When mixing the summer shades in with your existing rooms the most important thing is to use your eyes first.