So that is why. People see the change, this change, much as it's different from what they've known in the past, can be very welcome.     Nicholas Kristof writes often about the role of women around the world. He's a columnist for the New York Times, co-wrote the book "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide," and he's been kind enough to join us here in our New York bureau today. Good to have you back on the program.  (Columnist, The New York Times; Author, "Half the Sky"): Delighted to be here.     And you've traveled to some of the countries that we're talking about, talked with women in those places. Tell us a story. What gives you hope? What makes you really wring your hands and wonder what's going on?     Mr. KRISTOF: Well, I think what gives me hope is that there is a growing sense that  I mean, a growing focus not on the tragedy here but on the opportunity side of it.     And I mean, clearly all kinds of injustices happen to women around the world, but I think that what has really gained traction is the sense that, you know, women and girls aren't the problem, they are the solution.    

And I think that for Cheryl, my wife and co-author, the case that kind of galvanized us or made us really sort of see the opportunity was when we lived in China back in 1990, and we wrote an article about girls dropping out of school because they couldn't pay school fees.     And there was one girl in particular who had to drop out for want of $13 in school fees, the brightest kid in her school. We wrote an article for The New York Times, and her picture was there on the front page, and everybody sent in money. One person sent in $10,000, which turned out to be a bank error. He tried to send $100, but the bank made a little error, but the bank honored it.    

And the upshot was that in that community, the school promised that girls would be able to stay in school without paying school fees as long as they could pay  as long as they could make the grade, in a way that was not true of surrounding areas.     And we were able to Led High Bay Light, over the years since, over the 20 years since, what happened. And it's been really quite extraordinary to watch that obviously, all around China, people have  living standards have risen, education standards have risen.